Google My Business

Where do your customers turn first to learn about your business and the products or services you offer? Chances are they search Google, and your businesses better be there! As part of the Google Trusted Photographer ecosystem, Homepilot will set up your Google My Business Profile to get your business online. Businesses with complete listings on Google search results are 2x as likely to be considered reputable.

But that’s not all..

Google StreetView


Allow your business to be discovered in virtual reality, let customers have a virtual look inside, pull more customers and enjoy their confidence thanks to being part of the Google ecosystem, with our help.

Why do I need to have Street View for the inside of my business?

Confronted with a list of thousands of businesses your listing needs to stand out in today’s search. A Google Street View ‘See Inside’ Virtual Tour from Homepilot is a fantastic way to achieve a listing that attracts those all-important click throughs to your business.

The integration of the ‘see inside’ within the Google ecosphere gives your business an increased visibility and engagement possibilities. People are interested in having a good look, the “try before you buy” era is upon us and what better way to showcase what a business has to offer. The ‘see inside’ service goes above and beyond – being utilised to show cruise ships, interiors of cars, inside mobile homes, holiday parks, theme parks – bringing to life the internet in a way like never before. With the rise of mobile technology the touchscreen is now king! The ability to navigate a business visually in this unique and exciting way fits today’s advancing market perfectly.


Company in m² Price
XS 0 – 50 $195
S 50 – 100 $295
M 100 – 150 $395
L 150 – 200 $495
XL 200 – 250 $595
XXL 250 – 300 $695
XXXL 300 – 350 $795
XXXXL 350 – 4000 Contact us